Monday, January 24, 2011

Harry Potter Wand Tutorial

I have a child in my house
who loves Harry Potter more than any child imaginable 
We have these:
And this: 
We went here:

And are going here: 
We have not just one but TWO hardback sets of this:

And THIS site is one of the most visited in our house

How old is this child you ask?
9? 10? 11?

He's 26.
And yes, 
I married him. 

So this is dedicated to him. The one who wishes Hogwarts was real...
but also secretly thinks it is.

The Harry Potter Wand Tutorial

 Difficulty: Super Easy
Time: 30 minutes
Cost: Free dollars and Free cents
Fun-ness: It's off the charts!

 Computer Paper
Glue Stick
Tissue Paper (to stuff in wand)
Glue Gun
Brown/Gold Paints

Step One: Rolling Your Wand
Roll a piece of tape, and place it diagonally from corner to corner on your paper. Using the opposite corner, roll the paper tightly towards the tape until you get to the end of your paper. Then glue!

Step 2: Creating the Ends
Cut off pointed ends of the paper. Push some tissue paper completely into the hollowed inside of the "wand". Using the hot glue, seal the opening shut by making a rounded...blob. The color you choose will show through, even when you seal it with hot glue. Do this to the other side as well. 

Step 3: Hot Glue Designs
Okay, honestly, I didn't take any pictures of me DOING the step, because I only have 2 hands, and one had to be holding the wand, and one had to be holding the glue gun. That's just how the cookies crumbled. BUT this step is pretty easy. Just grab your glue gun, and start squeezing. It's like decorating a cake...but hotter.
Step 4: Painting
Grab your paint sets and cover this baby. Once you finish the brown, embellish with some gold paint. It looks best if you paint the bumps pretty good, and then lightly brush the rest of it. Don't forget to let it dry (I know, I know, you want to play with it...but you gotta wait!)
And that's it!
Check out this bad boy!

I am SUCH a good wife...sometimes.
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