Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What the PIN?

I flipping love Pinterest.
I spend more time on that site than I do Facebook (and that's sayin' a lot)

For those of you who are like "What the pin?" here's why I love it...

You can save all of those cool tutorials you love for later...
With a picture...
In a category...
All organized and crap...
And see what tutorials others like as well. 

I'm a pin whore (can I say that??)

You should definitely come follow me...I swear, my pins are golden. GOLDEN!!
Baby ideas, recipes (that I never make...), crafts, family crap, kids activities, sewing patterns, and organizational ideas... It's all there baby!

Check me out HERE

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Quilt Teaser...

I woke up at 4am
Because I am a freak like that. 
And rather than stalk people on Facebook or watch videos of people doing dumb stuff on the internet
I worked on my quilt (I know...so domestic!)

I'm in love with how it's coming out...
Here's a little teaser....
I am obsessed with all the fabrics...
Best part? 
They're a perfect match for the nursery.
Check it yo.
you better like owls....

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dysfunctional Me... PART TWO

Holy 900 followers Batman...
What the....

When I started this blog, I did it because I was bored. 
But over 900 followers?
I feel cooler than the kid that grew facial hair in the 6th grade. 
You may think...wow...they dressed up in matching Spiderman outfits for Halloween.
No. This  was at the end of our Wedding Reception...
This calls for something special...

Top 6 Reasons You May be slightly more functional than me...
Part TWO 
(Find part one HERE)

1. I ate an entire can of frosting yesterday. With my finger. My husband told me to stop, because it was bad for me, so I hid the frosting behind my back, so I could eat it on the sly

2.There was once hairball in the middle of the bathroom floor. I didn't move it because I wanted to see how long my husband could last before cleaning it up. That was 4 days ago. It's still there. I'm growing a little fond of it...

3. I once told a boyfriend I was a hermaphidite. I don't know why.
4. I had three lunches today. One of those lunches was an entire bag of pepperoni. 

No I didn't eat this...but I wanted to...
5. One of my biggest fears is running over a cardboard box in the middle of the road with a baby inside of it. Derek says, "Why would someone leave a baby in a box in the middle of the road?"... I don't know, but if the world were a logical place, they would never mix coconut with chocolate...ever.
6. When I was in 8th grade, I made flash cards out of old Mary Kay business cards with the names and faces of everyone in my grade. I studied them every night until I knew everyone's names by heart. I think it may have creeped out people when I knew their names..

So there you have it. You're cooler than me
Also, I've only been wearing one sock for the past 4 hours...
What a life, what a life.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Owl Frame Tutorial

I'm digging the whole "owl" chic thing going on right now. 
I'm not sure when owls became the "it" bird, but seriously, I'm a fan
And I'll jump on any bandwagon. 
(Unless it's an actual band-wagon. That's a little sketchy...)

Difficulty: Easy
Cost: 10 - 15 bucks
Time: 30 minutes

 Ikea Mirrors ($2.99 a piece) - or any similar mirror from a craft store
Strong Tissue Paper of choice (Mine is from World Market...LOVE that store)
Mod Podge
White Spray Paint Primer

Step 1: Prep it
Use your masking tape to COMPLETELY cover the mirror. You don't want any spray paint getting on it (You can get it off...it's just a pain). Prime your mirror. You can use gloves...or not...like me...My wedding ring was white for days. Let it dry and take off the tape.
Step 2: Tissue Paper
Grab your favorite tissue paper, and line up where you'd like it on your mirror. Use Mod Podge and paint your frame (Edges included). Lie your tissue paper flat onto the Mod Podged mirror. Smooth out by pressing down (Do not pull the paper in any direction...you will get tears. Just keep pushing down lightly all around). Cut an x where the mirror is, cut it to fit the edges, and push down around the mirror to create a clean boarder around the morror. Finally, turn your frame over, and mod podge your tissue paper to the back of the frame. I did not go over the project with a layer of Mod Podge out of fear of ripping my cute design.  
Step 3: Enjoy!

Just for the record...
 When my husband saw me take out the Mod Podge, he said "You're crafting again!!" Maybe it's been a little too long....

Monday, September 19, 2011

Crocheted Owl Hat Pattern

This Owl hat is so flipping cute. 
Seriously, I want to marry it. 

Am I this talented? No. But Daisy Cottage Designs is. 
Check out her free pattern HERE
Is it weird that I want to marry an owl?
I think there's something in the Bible against that....

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kickin it at 31 Weeks

This baby is getting huge! I mean if this girl isn't a chunker, I'm gonna be surprised. I feel like the little squirt has taken over my entire belly. If I even DARE to bend over, she gives me a swift kick to the ribs, just to remind me who's boss. Yeah. I just hope she's this headstrong when it comes to boys. Maybe give THEM a swift kick to the ribs. 
Objects in picture appear smaller than they are... that's the joy in good camera angles. 
Only two more months until I get sucked into her pint sized orbit...because I'll tell you what, she already has me and the hubbs wrapped around her tiny Mike and Ike fingers (actually I have no idea how big her fingers are... I almost said mini carrots, but then I realized that would give her mutant hands and no daughter of mine will have massively disproportional fingers!)

In the meantime I am nesting BIG TIME. I've already washed, folded, and organized all of her clothes into her perfectly organized closet. Pathetic, right? Who do I think I am?? I even had the audacity to pre-pack her diaper bag. Who does that?? I need something to take care of...in fact, I was seconds away from buying a hamster today...I had to talk myself down and leave the store before I made any irrational decisions

Just for the record, I have been crafting A LOT lately. Which means there are some tutorials in the soon to be future. 
Including these cute mirrors...
Yeah, I made them. What? 
You thought I forgot how to use Mod Podge since my crafting hiatus?
It's like you don't even know me at all. Shame to you. Shaaaame. 

Monday, September 5, 2011


So I really want to make THIS quilt
I found it over at Jahjong I love the fabrics, the style, the quilting; It is EXACTLY what I was looking for for my up and coming nursery. But I have NO clue how to do it. 

I need a pattern. Dimensions. Someone to tell me exactly how much of what to cut...Yeah. I'm incompetent. SERIOUSLY incompetent. 

So I need someone one...anyone...to find me a super easy pattern for someone who has about as much experience quilting as a racoon. I already know the fabrics - They are the Midwest Modern collection by Amy Butler.... now I just need a good ol' tutorial that'll help someone like me...do something awesome. 

Thank you! Y'all are awesome