Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Oh My Hilarious

Please Please Watch this.... The Flightless Bird.... Almost peed my pants. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

You Made It LINK PARTY #2

Man, for an impromptu Link Party, you guys really delivered!! 
I loved checking out all your stuff (You know...check out your stuff... wink wink)

Here were a couple of my favorites...

This is a STENCIL... Yeah, I almost crapped my pants too. I had no idea paint could look so good. Jen at Life Crafts and Whatever has figured it out. Hats off to you Jen. I applaud your genius. 

The second one is from Mejia Mama. Her craft room redo is like a room of dreams...and not those dreams where you end up making out with your aunt (I'm not the only one right???). It's a crafter's dream. (The one where you fantasize about Mod Podge and Glue Guns)

I want to get in on the whole yarn wreath trend. Heck, I want to get in on the wreath trend. The only thing hanging on my door is a coupon for Jose's Taco Shop. Delicious? Yes. Trendy? No. Simplistically Sassy shows how to make this fantastic wreath...

And last but not least, I ALWAYS have something in my hair... you know. Glue, glitter, crap (Yeah, I'm sure it's been in there. I have a baby... there's crap everywhere). Maybe I should put something awesome in my hair. Like this bow by Sherri Amour. Love it!

And now onto the link up!

Link up any of your crafts/recipes/junk you've made.

I'll be featuring a few more projects next week, so don't forget to check back!

So grab a button, link up, and do a little dance!!


Baby in the Front...

Party in the back!
Rocking the Skullet since 2011.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Creative Memories Scrapbooking Giveaway ($40.00 value)

See my new BLOG DESIGN!?!
Yeah, I made it myself. No Biggie. 

I am so proud of myself, and surprisingly, it took almost no effort at all...

To create it, I used a great Scrapbooking Software called 

It is A-maze-ing.

You can make Scrapbook pages... 


And even Blog mine!!
(Seriously guys, doesn't it look good??)

I'm not a big "give-away" person, but I really think this is high quality software

Enter to win a copy of My Memories Suite
the #1 Digital Scrapbooking Software on Amazon

- Visit My Memories and comment about your favorite Digital Paper Pack (1 entry)

Extra Entries
- Follow My Memories on Facebook and tell me in a comment (1 entry)
- Blog, Facebook or Twitter about the giveaway and tell me in a comment (1 entry)

That's it. I kinda like to keep it low key
Giveaway ends at 11:59 on Thursday January 26th
Winner will be announced the following day
If you want to buy the My Memory Suite Software, you can get $10 off (bringing it down to just under 30 bucks) 
AND get $10 worth of free Scrapbooking packs (Not to mention all of the free packs on their site...)

Just use the coupon code:

Seriously guys, it's totally worth it! Especially when you think about all the time and money you'll save on Scrapbooking supplies! 

If you want, there is even a free trial you so you can test before you buy...just don't forget about the coupon code when you do buy it!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


We're going to try out doing a link party this week!!
First. One. Ever.

Link up any of your crafts/recipes/junk you've made.

I'll be featuring a few projects next week, so keep an eye out 
(but not out of your head...gross.)

So grab a button, link up, and go get something pie to eat 


Friday, January 13, 2012

The Quilt....

It's nearly finished!!
I have an AMAZING friend in Utah who did the actual quilting on her long arm machine, and it looks fantastic.

All that's left to do is bind it...

I am seriously proud of this baby.
Tutorial is soon to come...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I need your help...

My blog isn't a serious blog
I don't try to make money (see Advertise Page)
or do giveaways with the sole intent of attracting "followers"
I blog because I love it, and I hope people follow this blog because they love it too.

I don't usually ask for anything, but this is something I love...

If you decide to donate (thank you thank you thank you!!)
You can follow this link where you can donate through my personal page.

All I can say is thank you for helping some amazing kids 
have the summer of their lives! 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Home Organization Binder by Mandi @ Finding Home

It's no secret that I'm a slacker. 
Yesterday I made my husband feed me a quesadilla... like actually put the quesadilla in my mouth.

In order to make my life work, I need organization. 
And strangely enough, I REALLY love writing things down, checking things off and being organized (don't tell my husband... I don't want him to have certain...expectations)

I stumbled on Mandi's blog, Finding Home, last week and did a mini back flip (Yeah. It happened.)
She has created the Meca of Home Organizational Binders AND has included all of her printables to download for...get this.... FREE.
Which the only word I like hearing better than FREE is "Icecream Truck!" (Suck it grammar police).

So go check out her blog. Thank her for her kind contribution to slackers everywhere...

Friday, January 6, 2012

Wooden Nativity Puzzle

I know Christmas was FOREVER ago.
But I had to show off the present my other little brother made for me
I know!! Two crafty boys in the same house?! It's insane...

Pretty awesome, right?
Sorry guys, but my family takes the crafty cake. 
Except for my dad...he couldn't Mod Podge if his life depended on it...
Poor dad.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Top 12 Crafts for 2012

Alright ladies (and maybe guys too... I don't judge). 
I'm ringing in the new year with 12 crafts that I plan on doing this year.

Last year I checked off 3 of the 11 crafts on my list (Yep... over-achiever over here...)
This year I'm going for 3 1/2. You must admire my drive and ambition. 

1. I want to make a freaking awesome Rag Quilt
like they did at I Can Teach my Child

2. I want to make some Felt Flower Bobby Pins
Wish I knew the source.... If you know, let me know :)
Pinned Image

3. I want to make a Cute Lace Headband
Like they make at Garlands of Grace
Pinned Image

4. I want to sew a Camera Strap
like Allison did on Cluck Cluck Sew

5. I want to Etch Something Cool 
like Ashley did at Make it and Love it

6. I want to make a not-lame Door Wreath
like they did at Our Best Bites

7. I want to transfer a Photo onto Canvas
like they did in Better Homes and Gardens
DIY art display

8. I want to make a Family Board Book
like they did at Chef Messy

9. I want to make a Fabric Garland
like Candace did over at Sparkle Power

10. I want to create my own Bird Nest Necklace
like Sarah did over at Sarah Ortega

11. I want to make my own key lanyard
like they did over at the 36th Avenue

12. I want to Print and USE a Life Planner

I would put a number 13, but really, the 13th thing I want to make is Macaroni and Cheese...and I think that's because I'm hungry. But seriously, who knows?
Is anyone really reading this, or do you just look at the pictures like me...hmmm...I like to kick dolphins. Anyone?

So who's with me!!?? 
What is one project YOU would love to do this year?


Google Analytics are in. 
Here are my top tutorials of 2011...

Peace out 2011... Let's hope that 2012 brings if I win the lottery. 
Let's make that happen...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Recipe Board

My little brothers are rad
My youngest brother, Eric, made me the COOLEST pens last year for Christmas
But has outdone himself this year. 
He made me a flipping sweet Recipe Board WITH recipe cards
 For the board, he cut out a piece of metal and used spray adhesive to mount scrapbook paper to the front of it. He then put it into a regular frame. I added the ribbon in the middle...for you know... PIZZAZZ. He made magnets using a button kit, fabric and a magnet attached to the back.
 For the recipe cards, he printed off the name and picture of the recipe on the front, along with the directions on the back. Ingenious, right??
 Now tell me, what 16 year old boy would do this for their big sister? 
This one...
And to answer your question ladies, this crafty man is single! 
I know, right??
He's going to make some little lady VERY happy someday. 
I only hope that him meeting a girl doesn't cut down on the awesome gifts he makes me... because if it does, she's going down.