Thursday, January 5, 2012

Top 12 Crafts for 2012

Alright ladies (and maybe guys too... I don't judge). 
I'm ringing in the new year with 12 crafts that I plan on doing this year.

Last year I checked off 3 of the 11 crafts on my list (Yep... over-achiever over here...)
This year I'm going for 3 1/2. You must admire my drive and ambition. 

1. I want to make a freaking awesome Rag Quilt
like they did at I Can Teach my Child

2. I want to make some Felt Flower Bobby Pins
Wish I knew the source.... If you know, let me know :)
Pinned Image

3. I want to make a Cute Lace Headband
Like they make at Garlands of Grace
Pinned Image

4. I want to sew a Camera Strap
like Allison did on Cluck Cluck Sew

5. I want to Etch Something Cool 
like Ashley did at Make it and Love it

6. I want to make a not-lame Door Wreath
like they did at Our Best Bites

7. I want to transfer a Photo onto Canvas
like they did in Better Homes and Gardens
DIY art display

8. I want to make a Family Board Book
like they did at Chef Messy

9. I want to make a Fabric Garland
like Candace did over at Sparkle Power

10. I want to create my own Bird Nest Necklace
like Sarah did over at Sarah Ortega

11. I want to make my own key lanyard
like they did over at the 36th Avenue

12. I want to Print and USE a Life Planner

I would put a number 13, but really, the 13th thing I want to make is Macaroni and Cheese...and I think that's because I'm hungry. But seriously, who knows?
Is anyone really reading this, or do you just look at the pictures like me...hmmm...I like to kick dolphins. Anyone?

So who's with me!!?? 
What is one project YOU would love to do this year?
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