Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Recipe Board

My little brothers are rad
My youngest brother, Eric, made me the COOLEST pens last year for Christmas
But has outdone himself this year. 
He made me a flipping sweet Recipe Board WITH recipe cards
 For the board, he cut out a piece of metal and used spray adhesive to mount scrapbook paper to the front of it. He then put it into a regular frame. I added the ribbon in the middle...for you know... PIZZAZZ. He made magnets using a button kit, fabric and a magnet attached to the back.
 For the recipe cards, he printed off the name and picture of the recipe on the front, along with the directions on the back. Ingenious, right??
 Now tell me, what 16 year old boy would do this for their big sister? 
This one...
And to answer your question ladies, this crafty man is single! 
I know, right??
He's going to make some little lady VERY happy someday. 
I only hope that him meeting a girl doesn't cut down on the awesome gifts he makes me... because if it does, she's going down.


Anonymous said...

Great brother!! He will make a girl very happy one day!

Anonymous said...

Too bad I'm only 12! ;)

Laurel said...

I've used those button things, too! I have an office job, so "crafty" stuff has to be kept to a minimum. But the plain pushpins on my corkboard are so boring, so I bought thumbtacks at a hardware store and hot-glued those button things to them! Easy, pretty, and calm enough for the non-crafters to live with. lol