Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Oh baby...

 Did you know that there are more people born in September than any other month...

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Just thought I'd throw that fun fact at you
ya bunch of nasties. 

Not inappropriate enough for ya?

Oh winter. You make life so grand.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Amazing Paper Tree Tutorial!

First of all, let me just say that I can't take credit for this craft
An amazing woman at my church came up with it, and worked out ALL of the logistics. 
And it's a pretty logistical craft.

But it's just SO cool that I couldn't NOT share. 
Because I've NEVER seen a tree like this!

* 18 pieces of scrapbook paper (You may have some left over, but you should be safe with 18)
     6 - Bright Gold
     6 - Beige Marble
     6 - Cream
              (You can also choose to do it in 3 shades of Green or 3 shades of Silver    
              - Pictured in chart)
* Tracing Templates (Printed from this post)
* Scissors
* Mini Stapler (You could also use double sided tape or hot glue)
* Wooden block for the base
* Wooden dowel - 12 inches
* Wooden star 
* Craft Paint for the base/dowel/star

Step 1: Base
Get a small square piece of wood, dowel and wooden star from any crafting store. Drill a small hole right in the middle of the wood, large enough for the dowel. Glue the dowel into the hole. Using that same drill bit, drill about 1/2 an inch into the side of the star. This will allow it to sit on top of the dowel. DO NOT GLUE the star!! Paint all your pieces your desired color (I chose Gold)

Step 2: Tracing/ Cutting
This part is a little tricky, so just stay with me. First print out the templates (shown below) onto a heavy duty card stock. Make sure you punch holes in the templates where I've traced. Using the chart below along with the templates, you are going to trace and cut out your different pieces. You can ignore the first two rows (That say "For Silver Tree" and "For Green Tree") and move right down to the third row that says "For Gold Tree". 

For cone size #1, you are going to trace 6 Bright Gold, 6 Beige Marble, and 6 Cream (18 total for size #1). Label ALL of those sheets on the back #1. 

For cone size #2, you are going to trace 6 Bright Gold, 6 Beige Marge and 6 Cream (18 total for size #2). Make sure you label them all #2. 

Continue tracing and labeling for size 3, 4, 5 and 6 (Use the chart to figure out the numbers). Don't forget to trace where the hole punch goes. After you've traced, cut out all of your shapes

Step 3: Stapling and Hole Punching
At this point, you should have cut out a total of 63 pieces of varying shades and sizes. Take the bottom corners and pull them together so they barely overlap and staple (or hot glue or glue dot...). Do this to every single piece. After you've finished that, hole punch the top of each piece. Then create 3 stacks (one of each shade) stacking in number order. 

Step 4: Stacking
When stacking, the key is to alternate the colors, starting with your "size #1" shapes. Continue to work around your tree, making sure your colors are evenly distributed.
Once you get to the top, place your star to hold your work. Don't glue your star, because it'll make after Christmas storage much easier if you can take the paper off the base. 

Now you have an amazing paper Christmas tree 
to go along with all of your Christmas Decor! 

The best part is that storage is easy! 
Just stack all of the cones from largest to smallest into one large stack. 
Ziplock and store for years to come 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

No Sew Looped Blanket

My mom is THE WORST to shop for.
the only things she definitively likes is to hum like a mono-toned bee
and ice water

She also likes slippers... we fight every year on who gets to buy her a new pair...
And her ugly fleece jammies (I sound like a terrible daughter, but seriously, they aren't the most flattering jammies on the block. She made me a matching pair which I wear all the husband HATES them BTW)

This year I KNOW she'll love my present... because it's like her ugly jammies, minus the ugly.

No Sew Looped Blanket Tutorial

Materials - 
2 square pieces of fleece (yard)

Step 1: Cutting
Cut the fleece into 2 square pieces. Pin it together in a few places so the fabric doesn't shift on ya. Along the edge cut fringes about 3 - 4 inches long and 1 inch wide. When you get to the corner, cut it off (so you should have a square gap at the corner). I would work on one side at a time, just in case the fabric shifts :)

Step 2: Fringe 
Cut tiny holes at the top of each fringe. Pull the end of the fringe through the hole (kind of like a topsy turvy pony tail...don't know what I'm talking about? Maybe you didn't grow up in the 80's...) Pull it all the way through. Do this with every fringe. If your fingers aren't bleeding by the end, you're not doing it right...

Here's what the backside will look like. 

And that's it. You're done. 
Give it to someone special...or hoard it yourself.

Monday, December 12, 2011

DIY Christmas Subway Art Tutorial

Here is a tutorial for all of you who are as computer illiterate as me. 
Seriously, it's terrible. I didn't know how to use a flash drive until this last year.
Heck, I didn't even KNOW it was called a flash drive. I called it a magic stick.

Subway Art Tutorial

Step 1: Picnik
For those of you who haven't discovered Picnik, it's wonderful! It's free, you don't have to download anything or even register, and you can do so many amazing things with it! 

Step 2: Collage 
On Picnic, select Collage. Change the color to the background of your choice, and press finish. Then you can change the size of your collage (if you want it a square, you all means, keep it) by going to "Basic Edits" (top left) pressing "Crop" then using the scroll down menu. I changed mine to an 8x10

Step 3: Frame
Click the "Frames" icon at the top of the page. On the left side bar, click boarders. Choose 2 colors (I chose red and green). Below the color choices, you can change the thickness.

Step 4: Text
Here's the fun part. The part where you can make your own text! Press the Text button at the top of the screen, and use the right sidebar to add your text. Write something in the box, choose the font, press "ADD" and then change the size and position of the word. On the right side of the screen, there will be a box that pops up where you can change the color (not pictured). Don't forget to click somewhere else on the screen before you try to add another word. Rotate, resize and play around until you are happy with your Subway Art.

Step 5: Saving
Click the "Save and Share" tab at the top of the page. Rename your file, and press SAVE. That's it!

It was so easy, I made one for Zoey too...It's all the names we call her... 
We're not the nicest parents...

And My dad too... I'm a little nicer with him... because he understands what I'm saying

So go out there and make some rocking Subway Art....quick...before the trend dies out!! Last thing you want it to be is out of fashion! (Says the girl who still wears an Old Navy Tech Vest...)