Saturday, March 19, 2011

Felt Flower Earrings Tutorial

When I turned 9, my mom took me to get my ears pierced
I'm not sure if my mom was blind, or the person who actually pierced them was
but they are uneven. SUPER uneven.

Drives me nuts. 
Which is why I only like dangily's harder to tell that I have circus freak ears

There's no moral to the story. I was just thinking about it while I made these.....

Time: 10 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Cost: Less than a dollar

Glue Gun
Earring Back
Rotary board and blade (optional)


Step 1: Prep your Felt
Cut a strip of felt 1 inch wide and 8 inches longFold it in half (hot dog style) and hot glue both sides together, just along the edges (it may be easier to just look at the picture). Once it's all glued, fold it in half again (hamburger style) and cut it into two separate 4 inch pieces. Cut both pieces a little bit thinner (less wide). It shouldn't open up if you used enough hot glue the first time, but if it does, just hot glue it back shut. 

Step 2: Making Your Flowers
Cut tiny notches all along the folded side of your felt. Since you only glued the edges together, when you cut along the edge, it should form little loopies (My describing skills today are sub-par at best). Once you've cut both strips, roll each strip hot gluing as you go. This will make your flowers


Step 3: Finishing it off
Take your earring backs and twist the bottom loop (shown below). Hot glue it onto the back of the flower, and then cover with a round piece of felt for a secure and finished look.

And that's it!

See how high my earring is?? It's ridiculous!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Ridiculously Lazy

Has it been a week since I last posted? 
That's ridiculous

You know what's really ridiculous?
That I ate 2 bowls of soup tonight
I was full after the first one and I just kept eating

Also, I haven't showered in 5 days (don't judge).
I washed my hair in the sink 2 days ago, and took a bath 3 days ago, but no shower.
I keep THINKING about taking a shower...but then I don't. 
Yesterday we had a going away party for a co-worker
and I wanted to get up and say something funny or clever about them
but then I thought "I haven't showered in forever...don't want to bring attention to that..."
so I hid out in the back corner like an awkward cousin (or like an awkward simile)

I did make some crap this week. 
like this....

like I said...don't judge. I've been too laaaaaaaazy.
Nahhh. Just lazy. 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Best. Phone. Ever.

Okay, you're gonna need a little background info to get how awesome this is...

I have a best friend (I know...who would want to be my best friend, right?!)
She is flippin' amazing in every way. 
Hilarious, kind, and would cut anyone who messed with me. 
...she is also the type of best friend who would try to drag me into something dumb
so she doesn't feel as silly doing it herself.
Which is perfect...because I am always up for something stupid. 

I had a dream. An EPIC dream
My friend Jackie had just bought a new phone
It was the size of a Disney VHS box. 
and the inside had huge buttons in the shape of Disney characters

But the greatest part of this dream phone was the attachments
Bubble blowing attachment
Blinking light attachment
Measuring spoon attachment
Bedazzled lady bug attachment

Well, in the dream, my dear sweet friend Jackie got bamboozled into buying this phone
for a mere 79.99 a month plus a dollar a minute for talk time.

and THEN she tried to get ME to get the phone
so she didn't feel as dumb....

"My profile is Sassygirl1! You could be Sassygirl2"
"What?! NO! That's the crappiest phone ever!"

See the best part about the dream, is that if this were to REALLY happen, it would probably fall out the same way. Because I just know her that well.
When I told her about it, Jackie thought it was hilarious.

Alright? Got that all?? Yeah?

 Okay, now you can see why I DIED when I unwrapped the gift she got me today....

Did I mention how much I love Jackie??
too bad I can only afford to talk for 13 minutes this month. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Read THIS post. 

I was at "Lunch Bunch" the other day, and a friend whispers "I have something for you!!" 
And pulls out a toilet paper tube

At least I have a niche....right??

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Easy Etching Tutorial

Sometimes I wish I could etch my face...

Difficulty: Easy
Cost: $10-20 (but once you have the stuff, it'll last you forever!)
Time: 30 minutes
Fun-ness: When the bottle says: any contact = a call to poison control, then yeah. It's fun. 

Armour Etch Cream
Paint Brush
Glass Surface
Exacto Knife
Masking Tape

Step 1: Prep the Tape
Place a strip of thick masking tape over your glass. Using your fingernail, scratch back and forth over the entire strip, to create a better seal between the tape and the glass. Using permanent marker, write your word (You may want to print it, and then cut over the printed image...but I was lazy, and just winged it

Step 2: Cut it out
Using your exacto knife, carefully cut around all the edges...If you are awesome and own a Silhouette / Cricut, you could cut it out onto contact paper and save yourself the work, but I was once again feeling lazy, and didn't want to go to the store to get contact paper (common theme...). Once you've cut it all out, remove the letters, and use your nail to push down the tape surrounding the letters (it'll help make the edges more "crisp")

Step 3: Etching!
Grab your etching might want to wear gloves, because if it comes in contact with your skin, you are in trou-ble (like poison control trouble). I was super careful, and didn't wear gloves, because, well, I'm a moron like that. Layer that crap on, like it's no tomorrow. Let it sit for 5-7 minutes (this is a good time for a Jello break...) and then wash it under hot water. This will get your tape off without you having to touch it. Dry it off, and you are D-O-N-E

Just don't use the "drink me" jar for peeing...
that'll get confusing real quick. 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Bracelet at World Shaking Designs

I am not here today!
I'm over at World Shaking Designs making this little beauty:

Come check it out here, because you won't believe how easy it is.