Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bulletin Board Redo

I have this Bulletin Board
That came from...who knows where (isn't that how all crap is?)
It was the ugliest bulletin board on the block.
Even the frame was ashamed to be a part of such tried to fall off routinely
But I had a dream...a VISION for what it could be.
and after a "Fix it, or it's getting thrown away" ultimatum by my reasonable husband
THIS is what it became...

Truth be told...this isn't our bulletin board...I didn't take any pictures of it before I redid it...but it looked approximately like this one...minus the fact that ours looked like I pulled it out of a dumpster.


Why no pictures of the redo? ::sighs:: Because I couldn't find my camera, and I didn't want to go looking for I did this at 2am on our apartment the light wasn't exactly ideal anyways. Still love how it turned out!

First I took the frame off the cork board and painted it black
Then I cut a piece of fabric (from IKEA aka Best Store Ever) a little bigger than the actual cork board. 
I flipped it over, and hot glued it onto the cork board (just the back...not the front...I didn't want any lumpy hot glue in the way of push pins!). 
Then I hot glued the frame (piece by piece) directly onto the cork board.

I know what you're thinking: "HOT GLUE? Was she too lazy to use nails?? " I could have put nails into the frame, but believe me...this frame had no hope... I tried to put the tiniest nail you've ever seen in it, and the frame started splitting. I'm telling glue worked. 

BUT because I used hot glue, I put two big screws through the cork board and straight into the wall...That means no weight on the frame. 

Best part?
This project was 100% free.

And my husband loves it.
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