Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rainbow Fish Luminary Tutorial

In case you missed it over on ucreatekids, here it is again, for your viewing pleasure (please...hold your applause...or don't)
The Rainbow Fish Luminary Tutorial 

Time Needed: At least an hour
Difficulty: Easy
Cost: $ 1-5 dollars

Materials Needed
Glass Gar
Blue Tissue Paper
Coffee Filter
Mod Podge
Water Color Paints/Brush
Sponge Brush
Black Permanent Marker
Light Source

Step 1: Painting Your Filter
This is the perfect step for any child to participate in! There is no right way to decorate a filter...just get out your watercolors, and go. Just make sure you put something underneath, as the paint WILL bleed through the filter. Allow to completely dry before next step (you may want to get out your blow dryer...)

Step 2: Drawing and Cutting your Fishes
You have a couple of options on this step. When I made my fish, I just freehanded the shapes onto my colored coffee filter. You can make stencils for your child, or allow them to freehand the fish (which I think would be so cute!) Once you've drawn all of your fish, cut out, and place aside

Step 3: Mod Podge your Tissue Paper
Mod Podging tissue paper can be tricky, so this step may require a little more adult help. Cut your tissue paper into large squares (This makes it easier to work around corners, etc). Spread an even layer of Mod Podge onto the jar using your sponge brush. Once you've covered a good portion of the jar, place a tissue paper square on top. Using a good amount of Mod Podge on your brush (if your brush gets too dry, it will rip the tissue...), cover the top of the tissue paper as well. Continue this process until you've covered the entire jar. Once finished, one more coat to really seal in the tissue paper.

Step 4: Mod Podge your Fish
Because your jar should be wet, simply place all of your fish where you'd like them to go! Once you have all of the fish set in place, seal them in with a layer of Mod Podge! 

Step 5: Finishing it all off
Trim any top edges, and Mod Podge Down. After this step, let the jar dry completely. If you use a hair dryer, make sure you use a NON HEAT setting (or your Mod Podge will bubble). Once your jar is COMPLETELY dry (believe me...I've ruined many a permanent marker because of my impatience...), You can go back and trace around the fish using a permanent marker! This helps them to pop out when you put your candle inside!

And there you go! Just pop a candle inside that baby, and watch it glow!

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