You may notice that I don't really have advertisements on my blog.
It's not that I don't like promoting people's stuff. I do!
I just know that sometimes I'm a bit of a slacker. And as much as I would love extra cash flow, I would feel pretty lame taking money for a blog that I go a couple weeks without updating.
I love blogging. I do it for fun. And sure, I spend a butt load of time for no gain... but the reason I blog isn't for money. It's because I have a place where I can be an idiot for free.

So that's why you won't see google ads on my blog... or buttons clogging up the side bar. I want my blog to stay simple... You know that if you find something on my blog, it's not there because I am making money off of it. It's there because I think it's cool or dumb or awesome...or the person who made it is cool or dumb or awesome.