Saturday, October 13, 2012

Flowers: Pinned it and did it

Saw this sweet little flower on Pinterest the other day
 折纸 布艺 手工DIY 教程 衍纸  唯美纸艺雪花教程<br/>
It looked just girly enough to make my husband cringe - which means, I HAD to do it.
Here is my go at it -

They were super easy to make, and they turned out beautiful. 

The only thing I did different is I cut the 3-D part and flipped it around (so you'd see the colorful side rather than the white side. How did I secure it, you ask? Tape. Lots and lots of tape. 
Also I added a little swirl in the middle to give it a center. Because I'm an over-achiever like that. 

Anyone else give the flowers a go?
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