Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Features #2

Oh how I wish that the sewing machine didn't scare me so much, because this clutch by The Girl Creative is adorable. I love the black and yellow, and I love how it looks like a letter envelope.  

My husband loves Japan more than any person should...has he been there? No. But I would put 10 bucks on the fact that he would love these fake Cherry Blossoms by Cat on a Limb. 

I absolutely love this headband. The colors. The checkered pattern. The roses. Check out over at Made it on Monday. Also, I love the color of her awesome. 
2011-02-26 044

I love this little Owl Softie Book End! You'll never guess what's inside... okay, maybe you will, but I didn't so, so give me a break! Check it out over at 2 & Through

Now I'm off to make the cookies that I forgot about before Church starts...
Let's just hope I don't burn them (a girl can dream, can't she?)
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