Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Owl Frame Tutorial

I'm digging the whole "owl" chic thing going on right now. 
I'm not sure when owls became the "it" bird, but seriously, I'm a fan
And I'll jump on any bandwagon. 
(Unless it's an actual band-wagon. That's a little sketchy...)

Difficulty: Easy
Cost: 10 - 15 bucks
Time: 30 minutes

 Ikea Mirrors ($2.99 a piece) - or any similar mirror from a craft store
Strong Tissue Paper of choice (Mine is from World Market...LOVE that store)
Mod Podge
White Spray Paint Primer

Step 1: Prep it
Use your masking tape to COMPLETELY cover the mirror. You don't want any spray paint getting on it (You can get it off...it's just a pain). Prime your mirror. You can use gloves...or not...like me...My wedding ring was white for days. Let it dry and take off the tape.
Step 2: Tissue Paper
Grab your favorite tissue paper, and line up where you'd like it on your mirror. Use Mod Podge and paint your frame (Edges included). Lie your tissue paper flat onto the Mod Podged mirror. Smooth out by pressing down (Do not pull the paper in any direction...you will get tears. Just keep pushing down lightly all around). Cut an x where the mirror is, cut it to fit the edges, and push down around the mirror to create a clean boarder around the morror. Finally, turn your frame over, and mod podge your tissue paper to the back of the frame. I did not go over the project with a layer of Mod Podge out of fear of ripping my cute design.  
Step 3: Enjoy!

Just for the record...
 When my husband saw me take out the Mod Podge, he said "You're crafting again!!" Maybe it's been a little too long....


Sarah said...

Dude, you're as obsessed with owls as me! My little boy can now say owl. I'm so proud :-) I'm also making this: http://www.irenestrange.co.uk/rupert-the-owl-amigurumi-pattern/ Oh yes. It's immense.

Anonymous said...

CRAP! I discovered you thanks to someone sharing one of your headband tutorials on Pinterest, and I just HAD to go and browse around your blog some more. And now I'm adding you to my Reader, which is already overflowing with posts I can't keep up with, but um, you? Are awesome. And full of inspiring, creative, lovely posts that I just can't NOT be in on. :)