Monday, September 5, 2011


So I really want to make THIS quilt
I found it over at Jahjong I love the fabrics, the style, the quilting; It is EXACTLY what I was looking for for my up and coming nursery. But I have NO clue how to do it. 

I need a pattern. Dimensions. Someone to tell me exactly how much of what to cut...Yeah. I'm incompetent. SERIOUSLY incompetent. 

So I need someone find me a super easy pattern for someone who has about as much experience quilting as a racoon. I already know the fabrics - They are the Midwest Modern collection by Amy Butler.... now I just need a good ol' tutorial that'll help someone like something awesome. 

Thank you! Y'all are awesome 


Kylie said...

The pattern is called a rail fence pattern. I'm sure you could probably find a better tutorial but it's a start. Good luck!

Pamela Joyce said...

I think that pattern is available FOR FREE on Amy Butler's Website. Just click free patterns and scroll down in the pop up. It's called Amy's Mid Mod Quilt. Even if it's not exactly the same it will give you directions on how to achieve the look. The above noter is correct about the kind of block this forms.

Teaspoon Creek / S. Alden said...

I am a wanna-be quilter and I have no skills (hello, Napoleon Dynamite), but I'm finding this tutorial pretty easy to follow:

Good luck!

Samantha said... I made this before my little one was born. It was my first quilt. Pretty easy.