Wednesday, April 6, 2011

60 Second Headband Tutorial

I like my crafts like I like my cookin'. Fast and easy.
Coincidently, my freezer is stocked full of Bertolli Dinners straight out of the frozen food aisle
My husband knew what I was when he picked me up....

If this headband takes you longer than 60 seconds, you're not doing it right
Or maybe you wanted it to last so you ditched the glue gun (gasps) and you took the time to get out the sewing machine and make it look oh so finished and long lasting and crap. 
I guess there are people who do stuff like that.

Hot glue gun
Hair tie

Step 1: Make the dang headband
Cut your ribbon to the size of your head. Grab your hair tie and glue (or overachievers) the ribbon around one side and then the other. And then put it on...

Yep. That's really the end of the tutorial. Don't be afraid to applaud.

Also, Sorry for my recent crafting/blogging hiatus
I really can't guarantee that it won't happen again soon.
I've been pretty sick, and crafting wasn't the top of my priority list. 
I'll tell you what IS at the top of my priority list though....
Chocolate Milk
sooooo good. 
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