Monday, January 31, 2011

The 5 Minute Apron Tutorial

If I had to choose another name for this blog, it would be the Lazy Crafter
Because I am lazy
and crafty

This is also coincidently why I cling to my glue gun like it's the last raft on the Titanic (...too soon?)
Whoever invented the glue gun, my hat off to you.
You made my life a little more lazy, and I thank you for that

Now presenting.....

The 5 Minute Apron Tutorial
Time: 5 minutes (duh!)
Cost: 5-10 bucks
Difficulty: You can do this in your sleep

Place mat
Glue Gun

Step 1: Ribbons
Measure around your hips...Don't forget to leave room for a bow!! Using a stove burner, melt your edges (this will keep it from fraying)
Step 2: Glue your Ribbons
Center the ribbon so it is equal on both sides. Grab your glue gun, and glue that puppy down. I tried only to glue the edges of the ribbon so it didn't look all bumpy.
Step 3: Wear it proudly
Yep. That's really it. I just threw a rosette clip on it for some added flair. 

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