Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hair Clips from Shabby Shack Creations!

Do you know that feeling when you open your mail box
and you find something fun?

This last week, when I opened my mailbox, I found some of the cutest clips I've ever seen

You think mine are cute? Wait until you check out these: 

My new bloggy friend Amanda from 
sent me a few clips in the mail, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them
She is so crafty, and the clips are both beautiful and awesome quality.

The average price of her clips? 
Five Bucks.
That's it. 
You can shut your jaw now. 

Let me just say that I have this site bookmarked and bolded

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**For the record, this post is purely out of my love for this high quality product. Because when I see a good product, I will tell the world...**
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