Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tag....You're it....Blanket Style

Don't you love it when a simple, easy project takes a lot longer than your planned? This was my night. 

I've been seeing these super cute tag blankets all over the place. Each time I've seen one, my common thought has been "I can do WAY better than that". Yes, I am a little too prideful, but COME ON people, at least choose fabric that matches. 

I decided to get the blanket a try for 2 reasons:
#1 - I wanted to make a non-crocheted blanket for the first time...ever.
#2 - I loved the fabric and I was too selfish to completely give it up, and I knew that if I made a tag blanket, I could make it 1/2 the size, and therefore have 1/2 left for me (So I'm adding selfish to the list as well...)

My cousin's wife is having a little baby boy in a couple of weeks...and the cherry on top of the cake? Their theme is OWLS! Love it love it love it. 

The tag blanket I made is about 2 feet by 3 feet, with 34 pieces of ribbon (cut into 6 inch segments). The length of the blanket uses 9 ribbons, while the width of the blanket uses 8 ribbons. You can find the tutorial I used over at Pink Thumb

Here is the flip-side to the blanket...I kind of like it better, don't you??

I want to keep this something fierce....

My name is Steve.

And you can't do an owl theme without an tag owl plushy!! It may look impressive, but I was pretty lazy at this point, so I hot-glued the eyes and nose on....

You want one of these cute guys for yourself?? Here is the tutorial and pattern over at Rubber Punkin
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