Saturday, November 13, 2010

Craft Fairs and a little Booty...

This morning I had the pleasure of attending a craft fair at a local school, which is honestly the first craft fair I've attended since I was 10 years old. It was full of hand knitted pot scrubbers, and hand sewn American Girl clothes, and hand crocheted toilet paper covers. All the while, I had a constant "De-ja-vou" feeling". It wasn't until I was walking past the bake sale booth that I realized, that it was because craft fairs are EXACTLY the same as they were 15 years ago. 

There is still the lady selling hand painted flower sweatshirts that could be taken straight out of an 80's snapshot. There is still the person selling dog clothes on tiny hangers. There is still that person selling crocheted baby blankets made from fabric that is at least 5 years old. And there is ALWAYS a bake sale table.

When I did see something cool, my first thought was "I can do that!" 

I did have a fun time paroozing through the rooms checking out what other crafters out there are doing. Plus, as a bonus, I got to go with some new crafty friends! 

So that being said, when I got home, I had the urge to get my craft on, and whipped this cute little bootie out for my amazingly awesome friend, Jackie.

The pattern is one I received from one of my newest crafty friends over at Little Birdy Secrets. It's not very expensive, the directions are fairly easy to follow, and the end result was fabulous. Here is a direct link to her post :)

Oh, and let me just give a shout out to my first follower Avalon...You rock it
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