Monday, November 29, 2010

Now you too can trace your Nativity!

Oooooo Baby, I'm feeling technological today! Today marks the second time I've used a scanner in my life. AND I even took it a step further... Scary right? I turned Word Documents into PDFs realized that PDFs aren't an acceptable file in Blogger, and saved it the smart way without any help from my husband. Save your applause (or don''s really up to you). 

You want proof that I've advanced in the computer world? Well, here you go; the unveiled masterpieces for your tracing and painting pleasure....

1. Right Click - Copy
2. Paste into Microsoft Word
3. Change the Margins to as small as they go
4. Enlarge the picture as large as it will go
5. Print and trace :)

My husband's boss was asking me about uploading the Nativity JPGs this morning, and I figured, you gotta please the boss, so M, these are for you! I hope you consider this during our next campaign check in meeting...or not...
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