Monday, November 15, 2010

It's Hip to be Carried...

Conversation with a 4th grader today: 

Student: "Mrs. Cami, what's a stork?"
Me: "It's the bird that brings babies"
Student: "So when is the stork going to visit you?"
Me: "Not a clue"

This brings to me to my post...About a month ago, I saw this amazing tutorial for a side baby carrier online...when I saw it, it was love at first sight. It was beautiful and practical, all at the same. I wanted to jump in the car and drive to Joann's the instant. The fact that I was not, and am not, pregnant was only a minor detail. The pattern looked easy enough, but I was a little nervous to try without a tangible example. That's when I see online that you can enter a drawing to WIN this beautiful carrier. So I entered....along with 200 other people. Imagine my surprise the following day (on my birthday no less) when I logged onto the website and VIOLA, I won! That's right...ME....the person who never wins anything! I jumped up screaming like a fat kid at Popsicle camp. 

It took 5 agonizing days for the carrier to arrive in the mail. When it arrived, I ripped it out of the packaging, and tried it on. The problem is, once again, I'm not pregnant. I don't have kids. I don't have any close friends hanging around with kids. So what is the only logical solution? Try it out on stuffed animals.

This is Zach.
Here is the tutorial for the amazing carrier over at Sascha Romeo. Her work is superb. If I could learn to sew like her, well, I would sew a lot more often. I promise you that I will be attempting one of these after Thanksgiving...right after Joann's Black Friday Mania!

Not the exact one a got...but a real baby....
So in conclusion to my story, I now have exactly 3 items for a non-existent, future baby....just waiting on the whole "baby" part to happen.

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April Showers said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel!!! I have won, bought "free" (as in only pay shipping), and even have a stash of baby clothes, toys and accessories. I have two boxes full right now...and no children, babies or any on the way. Sometimes I feel a silly, but like you, I don't care! I always say I'm just preparing to be completely ready for when the time comes for us to be blessed with a child. And it's great to have a stash on hand for baby showers and family members who have children. I don't have to buy anything new!! hehe

I know exactly how you is free, and I will never pass up a winning prize!!

(love your blog by the way...I've been going through every post, and I'm totally in love!!!) You have officially been added to the #1 spot on my Favorites tab of blogs. Can't wait for more posts! I'm hoping to add to my 'one post blog''s pretty pathetic.