Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nursery Reveal... on a dime

We've been hard at work...
My goal was to create a cute nursery for Zoey on a dime
Without painting AND without overly spending.
I can't even begin to express how happy I am with how it came out...

Guest Futon
Wall Decals - Target 17.99
Tissue Puff Balls - $3 for supplies
Canvas - $24.99 Target
Pillow - $5.00 London market
Futon - We've had it for a while

Frame - Free (re purposed)
Lamp - $19.99 Target
Accessories - Free (Gifts)
Owl Pillow - $16.99 Target
Headband - Free (Yeah, I made that crap)

Boppy Pillow - Free (Borrowed from a friend)
Boppy Cover - $12.99 Target
Quilt Fabric - $42.00 Joanne's 
Crib/Mattress - Free (Given to us by a friend)

Changing Table and Closet
Swing - Free (Borrowed from a friend)
Owl Blanket - $4 fabric from Joanne's (Black Friday...)

Changing Table Dresser/Pad - $45.00 Garage Sale
Changing Table Cover - Free (From a friend)

Wall Decals
Wall Decal Pack - $17.99 Target
Total Cost of Nursery...

Total Number of Gift Cards...


Craziness, right?!

We are definitely blessed to have great friends who have given us gift cards, hand me downs and borrowed baby stuff!! 

I am SO excited for Zoey to see her new room...
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