Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tutu Tutorial

I took ballet growing up.
I thought the word "derrière" meant underwear
Every time the dance teacher said "tuck in your derrière",
I thought she meant my underwear was sticking out, 
so I'd shove it back under my leotard

Out of frustration, I stopped wearing underwear under my leotard all together
That week, when the dance teacher said "Tuck in your derrière!" I yelled 
"I'm not wearing any!"
It wasn't for years that I found out it really meant butt...

Hopefully my daughter has more success with dance than I did. 
Time: 20 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Cost: $3-5 each (You can make 2 out of the materials)

 1 - 2 rolls of Tulle (Mine are 25 yard rolls from Joanne's Wedding section)
3/4 inch Elastic
Stuff to sew the band

Step 1: The band
Measure you waist, and then cut the elastic 2-4 inches smaller than your waist (It will stretch out with the toole!). I cut it about 12 inches for a newborn. Overlap the edges, and sew. 
Step 2: Tulle
Cut your tulle into 16 inch long strips. For each "knot", you will need 3 strips (I used 2 pink and 1 white). Lay all 3 strips on top of one another, and fold in half. With the elastic around something (I used a vase to hold it...), slip your tulle under forming a loop at the top. Slip the bottom of the tulle through the loop. Pull to tighten. Continue this until your skirt is "full" (For my newborn skirt, it took 18 knots)
And that's it! If you'd like to add a bow, or embellishments, 
go right on ahead.
Me? I'm gonna leave mine simple.
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