Sunday, July 10, 2011

How to mortify your husband...

My husband is a pretty easy going guy
I mean, he has to me seeing as he took the plunge with me. 

Last night I mortified him. 
Even I was a little embarrassed...
And embarrassing me is not easy.
Heck, I accidentally peed my pants last week in (pregnancy...what gives??) 
and it didn't even phase me.


Last night I was out shopping with my husband at Ross, trying to find some maternity clothes that don't make me look like a whale (My celebrity look alike is Free Willy as of late).
 I was going to and from the dressing room, and they kept this meticulous count of the clothes I brought both in and out.
 I guess I can't blame them. 
I look like I'm stuffing clothes under my shirt with how fat I'm getting. 

I was in the aisle and I found a top that I wanted to try on. 
Now I did have an undershirt on, and I really didn't want to go back to the paranoid theft prevention fitting room attendants, so I ripped off my top shirt (leaving my undershirt) to try on the top. 
Cute right?? Don't worry, I bought it. 
But when I looked down, my undershirt had disappeared
And I was standing in the aisle wearing...well...not much.
 My husband turned to talk to me and his eyes went HUGE. 
Like a "What the heck are you doing?!!" look. 
I tried to quickly redress myself, but you know how shirts are...I couldn't find the sleeves...

All I can say is that the patrons of Ross got quite the awesome show last night.
And my husband...well...he's recovering
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