Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Angel Food Delight

Fooooood. Fooooooooooooood....
I love you so much.... in a very unhealthy way. 

My husband was trying to come up with a good date idea yesterday
I told him, that unless it involved food, I didn't want anything to do with it. 
Addiction anyone?

This is one of my favorite food addictions...
because while you're eating it, you don't feel like you're getting fat...
so you eat more...and more....and more....
and pretty soon your 5 notches out on your belt. 
Now that's what I call DELICIOUS!

Angel Food Delight
because I don't have beautiful dishware!
Box of Angel Food Cake
Frozen Berries (strawberries are the best)
Large box of Jello (Sugar free works great)
2 Tubs of whipped topping (I used light)

Cook the Angel Food cake according to the box
Cook Jello, using 1/2 the water it calls for
Mix the frozen berries into the jello before you put it in the fridge. 

Break up the Angel Food cake into small cubes (really, I just tore it up with my hands...who can tell the difference?), and place 1/3 of them at the bottom of your bowl. Do a layer of jello/berries, then a layer of whipped cream. 

Repeat these layers until you've used all of your cake/jello/whipped cream. Top with the remaining whipped cream.

Yep. That's it. I know. SOOO fancy. 


Anonymous said...

Gosh. I am drooling over this! :)

Elizabeth said...

This sounds like an excellent date idea!

tiffany said...

Just wanted to say hello. I found you via Little Birdie Secrets the other day and I read through pages and pages of your archives on my phone. You're hilarious and delightful and that's my favorite combination. Besides whipped cream and strawberries, which is perfection. Must make my own vat of yum soon!