Thursday, July 21, 2011

Being 6 Months Pregnant....

Being 6 months pregnant means a lot of things means changing clothes multiple times a day from "sneezing accidents" means bawling at the movies Snow Dogs and Old School means wearing the same pants 10 days in a row because they actually fit. means sleeping with every single pillow in the house... plus some couch cushions. 

But you know the best thing it means?
It means this baby is getting closer to joining our crazy family.
I can't wait to meet her. 
I hope she likes crazy. 


Tutus & Tea Parties said...

Gotta love all the things pregnancy brings! The one thing I miss about it is getting to do whatever I wanted without anyone yelling at me. ;)

Hope you are feeling well!

Charity said...

Sneezing accidents GIRL DO YOUR KEGALS!!!!
It will save your ass during childbirth (no literally, your ass and entire pelvic floor) and make recovery easier once you start doing them after birth.
I'm talking like, working up to 250 a DAY - do your kegals. Derek will thank you. Your pelvic floor and lack of tearing will THANK YOU!!

Thank you for your positive attitude on pregnancy, it's refreshing.

Heather Thorup said...

CUTE POST! That was sweet. Just enjoy, sounds like you are:)

Dom said...

man oh man you make me want to get knocked up!
(hopefully my boyfriend won't read this, he may run for the hills. :P)
enjoy the next 3 months and all the awesomeness you have to come. :)


Linze Kate said...

So excited to meet my little niece, Zoey! So excited... :)

P.S. You LOOK fantastic! Being prego fits you well, girl.

Brad and Holly said...

So true! And so cute!

Abby Jacobsen said...

Love this pic of you! I'm so glad to hear you're doing well in your pregnancy!

KittyArr said...

Very cute:)

Heidi Perez said...

Haha I love that last sentence.
p.s. I still have sneezing accidents sometimes and my "baby" is 18 mo old. Guess I should have done more keegals. (But do they really help?? I'm a skeptic.)

stout family said...

Sneezing accidents don't really ever go away...sorry to break the news!

Merriett said...

Just a comment on the sneezing accidents. Check out I was having not only sneezing accidents but my entire CERVIX was falling out.. nice, right? Anyway, her philosophy is just an adjustment to your posture and some exercises you can do and voila... I haven't had a problem since (as long as I keep up with the posture and exercises).