Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's a......

Last week was our BIG Ultrasound...
You know, the one where you find out if the baby is going to one day pee all over the bathroom floor or just fall into the toilet...  (I know, I know, girls pee on the floor too, and boys get stuck in the toilet as well...but let me just say, it's a lot easier for a girl to fall into a toilet. I know. From experience. Last week.)

Well, it was QUITE obvious at the ultrasound
that we're having....


My husband is so excited, it's ridiculous
And me, well, I just can't wait to start making all sorts of girly stuff!!

We're excited to meet you baby girl!
(Oh, and please kick a little harder so your dad can feel it too... he's getting a little jealous that you only like playing with me.)
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