Thursday, June 30, 2011

Baby Pinwheel Quilt

When my mom and I started on this quilt
2 inch squares seemed like SUCH a great idea. 
We didn't really think about seam allowance
or how small 2 inch squares really are...
Or how much smaller they are when you turn them into triangles. 
I'm not quite sure when we'll be brave enough to tackle such small quilting pieces again. 
But I DO think it turned out flipping cute

Check it homeboy. 

It's awesome huh? 
It's too bad that my "contribution" to this quilt mostly involved
 a pair of scissors and an ironing board...


Jenn said...

It's so cute! But, I know what you mean about two inch squares. I made queen size quilt with two inch squares. Once. And never again :)

Tammy @ she wears flowers said...

So cute!! I love the colors!!

Jacob And Angie Ward said...

It turned out beautiful!

Lucy said...

Well done to you and your Mum, that is a beautiful quilt, well worth the effort involved :-)