Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mom Blogs

I know this is a crafting blog...well...kinda. I'm not the best at staying on subject. 
I'm also not the best at eating healthy...seriously, I seven Snickerdoodles in a row yesterday. SEVEN!
What did I tell ya? Off topic again. 

ANYwho, in honor of becoming a new mom,
I wanted to share with you three of my favorite Mom Blogs
Because you probably don't waste enough time already on the internet...

The first one is 71 Toes, written by the ever talented Shawni. The reason I love her blog, is she gives amazing parenting advice for raising well rounded children. I hope to be the kind of mother she is!

The second blog is My Mix of Six written by Shauna. I LOVE this blog, because she has so many amazing family ideas. Everytime I read her blog, I think "I want to do that with MY family..."

The last one is a blog called Mikey and Paigey. The reason I love this blog, is that Paige is in the same stage as me...just starting out. She is so artistic, and takes amazing photographs. You have to check out her Pregnancy photo series

So those are my 3 favorite mom blogs
I know this is pathetic, but I love them so much that I've even had dreams about hanging out with those moms. Creepy much??
So is anyone else creepy like me? What's your favorite mom blog?


paige crosland anderson said...

Not creepy. Just funny. Come to Bologna! I'll totally hang :)

Anonymous said...

I have that same problem with keeping focus! One post is about cookies, one post is about sleeping babies, one about crafts, blah blah,. That is why my blog is called theminddoeswander! My favorite blog is , which I am sure you have heard of. But it is worth mentioning again!

nikima99 said...

I'm not a mom- just an aunt of 6 and a longtime volunteer with children.

I've love these mom&family and craft blogs:, (no big dill), (samstermommy),

I actually follow about 50. If I dont really have time to read blogs at work (The HORROR!), I will quickly check those.
AND yours, of course!! :)

Shauna_Rae said...

Oh my goodness you are too sweet! I LOVE Shawni, and to be mentioned with her... you made my night. I DO love being a mother.

I'm excited for you and your new little one. Being a mom is awesome!!!!

Heidi Perez said...

Thanks for your list! I know of Shawni, but haven't heard of the other ones.
My favorite mom/diy blog is
And yes, I've dreamt about their blog.