Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mama Jama

I may be new to this whole "mom" thing, but I'm loving it. 
I love the boogers, and milk crusties all over Zoey's face.
I love her baby grunts at 4 in the morning (the girl sound like a broken machine gun)
I even love when she blows out her diapers...
call me crazy, but I think it's funny wiping poop off her back.


I am soaking up every second of life right now. 
Because she's already 2 weeks old... and I'm not gonna get this time back. 

In other news, I am 5 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight
Yeah, go ahead and hate on me.
Heck, you can even throw a brick through my window...I would if I were you...

Oh, and thanks for all of your sweet comments in the last few weeks!!
 I've read every one, and I just wanted to thank you for all your kind words of support!!
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