Monday, December 27, 2010

Tiny Crocheted Bows

My husband's first reaction to my hair bows...
"Why did you crochet a bone for your hair?"

Oh boys...when will you learn!

Crocheted Bow (or Bone) Pattern

Any kind of yarn
J hook (because that's my favorite one...)

First Row: Ch 10, turn and dc into 2nd ch from hook, dc into remaining ch stitches to the end of the row. Turn

Second Row: Ch 2, hdc across the whole row. Turn

Third Row: Ch 2, hdc across the whole row. 

Finishing: sl st around the entire perimeter of the bow. This will give it a rounded "finished look"

Bow Center: Chain 6, hdc into 2nd ch from hook. Continue to hdc into the remaining stitches. Finish with a sl st

Putting it together: Stitch together (or hot glue...because I have no patience) and finish with an alligator clip


Anonymous said...

Husbands! your bow is beautiful!

maleahbliss said...

Lol. You and I had basically the same idea at the same time. I posted my tute and pattern (after working on it ALL DAY Monday) VERY earrly Tuesday morning. Yours is slightly rounder then mine. Super cute and GREAT idea! ;)
Come check mine out:

Cami said...

haha! I hate when that happens :) Yours turned out super cute!! I like that it's a little more straight edged. You should check out this super sweet crocheting blog that I just found. She has instructions for a huge bow that I made yesterday. I'm planning on posting it on my blog sometime this week. Check it out!

Sandy Ang said...

I get that too - my lantern got a comment that it looks like a block of flats. If you have a fav projec of 2010, love for you to come by and it link up.